1. T

    2005 Vario O 814 wiper relay location

    2005 Vario O 814 wiper relay location Any ideas folks ?
  2. EDZ649

    National Transplant Week 8-14 July 2013

    About five years ago my father was diagnosed with renal failure. He was told that he would need a Kidney transplant within the next five years and that if he didn't have one he would almost certainly have to go on dialysis. Needless to say my father and indeed the whole family were devastated...
  3. ducatiboy

    Mercedes 814 camper

    Hi folks Up for sale is my camper 1990 814 7 brand new tyres new exaust lesiure battery Loads of other bit least goes on Has king size bed over garage at the back Living quarters turns into a doble in mins Full size shower which is great Al the mod cons Mail for details Thanks for looking...
  4. I

    MB 814 (1992) Truck Warning Light.

    Hi All, Not a usual post for the Forum, but I thought, well, it’s a Merc. I bought a Motorhome a few weeks ago in Germany, got it here to Belgium and my intention is to move it to England in January. I started it yesterday after it being standing for about a week. It’s chilly here, but not much...
  5. I

    2nd Alternator on Vario 814 (4x4)

    Does anyone know how easy it is to fit a second alternator to a Vario (4.2L)? Thanks Ian
  6. nick mercedes

    Mercedes 814 (Future Horsebox?)

    Neighbour brought this on a whim to transport lobsters from Scotland (?!?), has now seen sense. Would make a good basis for a horsebox conversion. I said i'd try and rehome it for him, bit too good for export/cutting. Anyone?
  7. M

    814 Vario 1998

    Hi All Would some one know what is wrong with my lorry? One of the first 'fly by wire' engines. It has a slight miss that all the fitters insist its fuelstarvation. Revs fine when ticking over. Under load there is an intermittent loss of power. Checked the filter, and pre filter, new fitted...
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