1. L

    A200 CDI Insurance advice

    Hi All, newcomer to the site and considering making a step into the world of MB for the first time.... Just looking into downsizing my Volvo 2.4T SE S60 petrol to a A200 CDI SE Avantgarde….on face value the A200 is cheaper on tax/emissions (can insure for a full year cheaper than 6 months on...
  2. L

    A200 Turbo

    Anyone know a company that can upgrade the stereo and speakers on an a200 turbno without removing the whole central command unit that controls the stereo sat nav etc?
  3. EDZ649

    A200 Turbo

    I bet this is fun!:D 2006 MERCEDES A200 TURBO SILVER Very Low Mileage on eBay (end time 10-Feb-11 21:33:56 GMT)
  4. S

    A200 Sat nav

    Hi Have just bought an A200 cdi and was thinking about fitting command sat nav,and need a couple of answers, 1) what unit would i need-cd or hard disk 2)are they easy to fit-if, not is there someone in east London/Essex to fit it Thanks
  5. L

    Bike Rack for A200 Turbo????

    Anyone know of a bike rack to fit the A200 Turbo three door model?
  6. 2

    Correct C02 tax band? A200 CDi - help

    Hello I have started looking at my A200 tax band and suspect it may be in the wrong band. I have a 2005 A200 CDi which is tax banded as 153g/km Co2 which is a current band D at £145 notes a year. All research shows it should be a band C (I think). The only thing that I think 'may' be an...
  7. A

    A200 CDI resonance?

    Hi all, My parents just bought a year-old A200 CDI with around 12k miles. Picked it up from the dealer a couple of weeks ago. Last week they started to notice a strange sound. They told me about it today (I had seen the car in our local dealer and recommended it to them!) so I took it for...
  8. J

    Press preview of three door A-Class A200

    Is it a Merc? To Be or Not To Be (a MERC)
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