1. D

    Addicted to video blogger Mercedessource

    I don't know how I stumbled across this video post but I'm addicted to listening to his insight of buying, maintaining and restoring Mercedes cars. He is based state side, has his own parts store and workshop and posts videos about his experiences, top tips, advice etc. I just like his...
  2. stevebgt1

    I am addicted, it`s a problem.

    Well, 7 months into ownership of my 507, and yes, I still love every `session` of driving this car. The problem is, this engine is soooooo addictive, I fear I have nowhere to go from here ! I generally change my cars every 12/18 months, but I feel no matter what I get next, just wont cut it , in...
  3. st13phil

    My Name is Phil, and I’m addicted to…

    …E63’s Almost two years ago I bought a Biturbo E63. I rationalised it by telling myself that it was an itch that had to be scratched. An act of minor insanity that meant I could, at some time in the dim distant future (I hope!), go to my grave saying “remember when?”, rather than “I wish…”...
  4. mercmanuk

    once you try your addicted

    tried it once then addicted for 3 hours..456 score
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