1. Gollom

    SatNav add-ons that ought to exists

    In line with an earlier post where I suggested that there may be a SatNav add-on for BMWs that planned a route which would remove the need to use indicators I thought it may be fun to ask for similar ideas from you erudite lot! Copy and add your own A SatNav add-on that plans a route...
  2. shearder

    South Africa - Aftermarket Mods / Addons

    Anyone know of decent (hard to find in SA) aftermarket part sellers in South Africa? Particularly Gauteng Area? Now that the comand is available for the C class I am thinking of adding it.
  3. F

    Nice addons

    Was looking at Kleeman superchargers because i wanted to torment myself , but , came across this CLK55K with a rather attractive feature. ... Check out those GOLD badges , they rock !!! :rock:
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