1. travelininstyle

    Advise on advisable service work ?

    :bannana:Had my MOT & 'A' Service schedule today on my C180K - I supplied oil,fob batteries & screenwash - with the MOT offered @ half price @ £27.00 - the total came to £162.00 inclusive of vat - which I thought was great. I have had advisables and wondered if these seemed fair from a main...
  2. SilverSaloon

    are "stop leak" products advisable?

    hi i have a minor(-ish) leak from (i think) my front crankshaft seal on my E300D. it means i have to put in maybe half a litre of oil every week to keep it topped up to the max level. i have put off replacing the seal due to many concerns - hard to remove/refit crankshaft bolt, got to...
  3. nickg

    Buying becker sat-nav/radio/cd head unit from Germany - advisable?

    I'm thinking of buying Becker Indianapolis 7920 head unit for my SL. It retails at around £900 in the UK but I've seen it advertised for about €850 ( c£550)on a german website. Anyone know if the settings would be different i.e. for radio tuning, and therefore could it be used as per a UK model?
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