1. R

    Essex Air Ambulance Motorcycle Run

    Anybody here participating in the ride this year? I've missed it the last couple of years due to being away for work. Going to make it this year though! Will be leaving from Colchester area to ride up to the start if anybody else happens to be going and fancies a ride up together.
  2. markjay

    Police escorting an ambulance

    Boring and repetitive... but in a totally fascinating way :) : Dutch police.
  3. bob6600

    The Job Swap - Vettel vs ambulance

    Before you watch it, who do you think is quicker? Seb Vettel in the ambulance or the ambulance driver in a Ferrari? [YOUTUBE HD]oHTXYbtXx44[/YOUTUBE HD]
  4. M

    Idiot Mercedes SLK driver won't let ambulance pass - Video

    Idiot Mercedes SLK driver won't let ambulance pass
  5. P

    West Country Charity Night for Air Ambulance

    I'm new on this forum and its short notice but if anyone is interested I'm organizing an event this Saturday 21 November in Yeovil, Somerset in aid of the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance. The entertainment is Steve Parrish who was a very successful GP bike racer (team mate to Barry Sheene) and...
  6. N

    Polish motorcycle ambulance I'm not sure what to think about this really.
  7. ringway

    Mercedes-Benz Ambulance Fires. Taxpayer to foot £515k Bill?

    Copied from related articles. Health bosses are being forced to spend £515,000 replacing a fleet of ambulance engines after a string of dramatic fires. The dramatic incident was one of three serious ambulance fires in Cumbria during 2012, linked to an engine fault, which wrecked the...
  8. Gucci

    Crashed into an ambulance

    Fortunately, not me, but my brother-in-law was out for a Friday night spin in his Golf R32 last night. His account was that he left the lights "quickly", lost control and hit the side of an ambulance on the other side of the road :eek: He's VERY lucky nobody was in that ambulance, but £100k...
  9. Gollom

    Question re ambulance driving

    On the M6 tonight and saw an ambulance with blues and twos coming up. Initially on the hard shoulder then on the middle lane. I was in the outside lane but the van in front of me and I pulled into the middle lane to give the ambulance a clear run at the outside lane which was now empty. But he...
  10. Stratman

    ePetition for Ambulance Service

    I came across this on a photography forum and thought it worthy of a wider audience. How many people know that the ambulance service is not an emergency service? e-petition It is classed as an essential service. It is classed in the same category as the gas, electricity and water boards, yet...
  11. mercmanuk

    Would you curb an alloy for an ambulance

    An interesting thought,how many members would curb an alloy wheel to let an ambulance through or would you carry on untill it was safe to pull over at the side of the pavement,if it ment holding the ambulance up for a minute. and be very honest. how do we set up a pole!
  12. Nik_Endeavour

    Blocking Ambulance - Wtf?

    and she is smiling on the way to court BBC NEWS | England | Leicestershire | 'Stupid' driver blocked ambulance
  13. guydewdney

    Merc ambulance / classic thoguht it was quite fun... and bloomin rare now...
  14. S

    Ambulance Driver Petition

    Saw this on the Honest John website and thought there might be folks here that may be interested. "The ABD has got up an electronic petition to support the ambulance driver being prosecuted for speeding while rushing transplant organs to a hospital for a life-saving operation. To register...
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