1. L

    ML amd weird going ons

    I have a curious problem. When I signal to turn left, the rear windows go down! The RH window goes down in time with the flashing indicator and LH one just goes straight down . Has anyone any idea of the cause of the problem?
  2. alistairgd

    C180 Auto AMG Sport Plus Delivered, Returned 60 miles.

    Took delivery of my C180 AMG Sport Plus in white yesterday at 130pm. It was on a recovery truck before 9pm. Engine was cutting out (stop start was off), rough idle, then misfiring, eventually would not go anywhere. Yellow engine mangement warning light on. Roadside diagnostics, Cylinder 4...
  3. M

    AMD Technik Group buy Remap and Dyno day

    Hi guys, I saw the recent posts about some members wanting remaps so got in touch with AMD Essex. They said that they would be able to offer a group buy at 20% off their list prices. This will include a remap and a go on their rolling road. Standard prices are in the region of Medium...
  4. Ade B

    AMD vs Intel

    Assistant wants a new laptop. Scanning through threads on here we've narrowed the brands down She wants to cart it about a lot and has a desk top for big screen stuff so looking at 15". Battery life not critical as she'll be able to plug it in most places she uses it. Budget £500 ish, needs...
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