1. T

    Andy at Eurocharged/Prestige Car Diagnostics

    Hi All Does anyone have any contact details for Andy at Eurocharged/PCD LTD? Been trying to get hold of him but his usual number isn't working. Thanks
  2. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday andy27168

    Many Happy Returns of the day Andy, have a good 'un :thumb:
  3. grober

    Andy Wilman on the Grand Tour

    RADIO 4 today [ 1hr 50mins in] Andy Wilman's thoughts on the Grand Tour, Amazon, that tent and the BBC. BBC Radio 4 - Today, 15/11/2016
  4. D

    Andy Murray.

    Looking forward to willing Andy on today in search for his 2nd Wimbledon championship. Good Luck Andy. :thumb: Ant.
  5. donshl

    Thanks To Paul and Andy at EC

    The CLS was due a service and needed some TLC (and some coding work done). Paul picked up the car from me and did a full service with the following: * Engine and Gearbox mounts * Aux tensioner * Front Brake pads * Gearbox re-adaptation for 1st and 2nd gear The car was dropped back at...
  6. demetrios

    Anyone used BenzTec, Dey Mercedes or andy gayle for service

    Hi guys As Im looking for a reputable specialist to service my SL I'm wondering if anyone has used these company's. ANDY gayle in Smethwick DEY Mercedes in Birmingham BenzTec in Merryfield.
  7. A

    Andy J

    Just registered after weeks of scouring the net trying to work out the best R107 to buy. My budget is around £8k and my priority is to find the most straightforward and reliable model, not so bothered about performance. All reviews seem to point to the last 3 years of the model, so '86 to '89...
  8. Druk

    Andy Murray

    With apologies to Private Eye magazine... So farewell Andy Murray You were gubbed by your best pal with your ogre of a mother watching on. Not for another year will we have to suffer your boring monotone. And whatever will the gigglepuss BBC weather girl have to talk about now? You...
  9. kalvin928

    Andy & Paul eurocharged.. my brother thanks you!!

    Hi Guys... brother wants to give you big thumbs up for the work done (so far) on his Ferrari 612 scaglietti. Customer service was great and think Ferrari could take some customer service skills from you guys!!! Brother coming back later I gather for he 'other' bits but understand he will use you...
  10. BillyW124

    Andy's Autobarn

    Hats off to Andy and his boys on an absolute fantastic spray job on the AMG kit for my 124 coupe. Picked up the kit last night and was blown away by the quality of workmanship. Reviews on here suggested he was good....he is GOD! :bannana: The front bumper is a replica AMG Gen II and there was...
  11. A

    Big thanks to Andy @ PCD

    Well done Andy, for the health check on the car and repair of the Parktronic system. :rock:
  12. andrewmcghee

    Hello from new member Andy

    Hi everyone, please help, I've recently bought a vito 111 and my wife last week bought me some 18" alloys which is great but my van looks like its on stilts, can you get vitos lowered? Many thanks Andy
  13. JasM

    Happy Birthday andy27168

    Happy birthday Andy, I hope you are having a great day.:thumb:
  14. K

    car painting

    All, A bit of background first to my saga with this body shop. I called Andy the proprietor at Andy's Auto Barn just before Christmas regarding the painting of my body kit on my 190E. The body kit would include the front and rear bumpers including inserts, side sill panels and all the sacco...
  15. d w124

    Happy Birthday Andy k

    Many happy returns
  16. R

    Recommendations for Andy's Auto Barn?

    Hi All, I've seen a few recommendations for Tony Fowkes with pictures on the forum. I've also seen Andy's Auto Barn mentioned a few times, mainly by Howard and Nick Mercedes, but not seen any examples of his work. Would appreciate if anyone has used Andy's Auto Barn if they could recommend...
  17. M

    Andy Williams, RIP

    Singer Andy Williams died yesterday, aged 84. BBC News - Andy Williams, Moon River singer, dies aged 84
  18. E

    Andy Murray...

    ...destroying Federer, now.
  19. grober

    Andy Murray v Novak Djokovic: live

    Bbc2 now.
  20. KillerHERTZ

    Happy Birthday andy27168

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