1. garycat

    Aussie Benz hater on youtube

    I really like my Merc after moving to the brand earlier this year but this auto journalist seems to have a a real problem. I wouldn't normally publicise a hater but he is so funny and politically incorrect that it is quite amusing to watch.
  2. WDB124066

    Aussie Volkswagen Kombi sells for $210,000

    Aussie Volkswagen Kombi sells for $210,000 |
  3. churchy

    Aussie a160 no start

    Hi All and G'day from sunny Australia . I have a 1998 W168 A160 ACS bought as a non goer as a project and would greatly appreciate any advise . At this stage I am awaiting some wiring diagrams . · W 168 A160 , 1999 Avantgarde , ACS , 182,000Klms · Serviced by MB dealers...
  4. sinewave

    Google Street View - Aussie Style!

    Bordertown, South Australia, keith, dukes highway - Google Maps :D
  5. Mr. B

    2012 F1 Aussie GP - 3 car race featuring C63

    2012 F1 Australian GP - Mercedes Benz C63 Black vs Triple Eight Racing V8 Supercar vs McLaren MP4-26 - YouTube
  6. F

    Hello from a car mad Aussie moving to Aberdeen

    Hi all, Great forum! As the thread title states, my family are relocating to Aberdeen with work and a lifestyle change. My wife is English and we love the UK so cannot wait to get the move behind us. I have owned many cars over the years and cannot get over just how cheap cars are in the UK...
  7. swannymere

    Aussie Style Rugby Rules!

    From the people at Lynx deodorant, enjoy ;)
  8. Druk

    Aussie cyclone.

    God help those poor people. Latest news here... ABC News - ABC News 24
  9. R

    Ouch the Aussie press is not happy with their Cricket team:

    Ouch the Aussie press is not happy with their Cricket team: "Can't bat, can't bowl, can't field and can't even think straight " "An embarrassment of historic proportions THE worst Australian team ever fielded for an Ashes series England celebrate a 3-1 victory at the SCG in...
  10. AussieCLK320

    Aussie CLK320 Project

    Hi Guys, I have had my car for 3 months now and totally loving it. I only use as my weekend toy, so the family (2 boys and my wife) are enjoying the fun as well. I can't wait for the Aussie summer to start LOL :) I have done a few mod in those 3 months already, nothing huge, but just trying...
  11. C

    Hamilton officially charged over aussie gp burnout

    Lewis Hamilton has been officially charged for his 'over-exuberance' with the company C63 AMG before the Australian Grand Prix in March. Hamilton's Australian solicitor has been served with a summons, charging Lewis with intentionally losing control of a vehicle. Hamilton was stopped by the...
  12. ringway

    Aussie Brickies Accident.

    Copied from an email I received today. AUSTRALIAN BRICKLAYER'S ACCIDENT REPORT Possibly the funniest story in a long while. This is a bricklayer's accident report, which was printed in the newsletter of the Australian equivalent of the Workers' Compensation board...
  13. Chas

    A Catholic Priest, an Indian Doctor, a rich Chinese Businessman and an Aussie

    A Catholic Priest, an Indian Doctor, a rich Chinese Businessman and an Aussie were waiting one morning for a particularly slow group of golfers in front of them. The Aussie fumed, "What's with those blokes? We must have been waiting for fifteen minutes!" The Indian Doctor chimed in, "I don't...
  14. scotth_uk

    An Aussie at Brooklands :-)

    A mate has just popped in to London for a day to check out the AMG Performance Driving setup over at Brooklands.....
  15. scotth_uk

    Another Aussie Dead: Peter Brock (Racing legend)

    Crap week for Australia. We lost Steve Irwin, and now Peter Brock: For those of you who don't know who he is:
  16. G

    Aussie Mercedes-Benz Concours and Display Day

    For those who may be in Sydney, Australia on Sunday 11 September, the Mercedes-Benz Club (NSW) Inc. is holding their annual Concours and Display Day. Mercedes-Benz vehicles ranging from the 1930s to current models will be on display and many will be entered for judging. The 190SL will be be...
  17. scotth_uk

    Great vid and pics from Aussie trackday last week.....

    Hi All, A friend of mine runs a WRX back at home and attends a few track days here and there. Every now and then something happens, and there's usually more than a few cameras around to catch it. At this particular day a Corolla got a little wet and an Elise ended up with broken...
  18. scotth_uk

    Famous Aussie WRX - under truck....

    This WRX has been in just about every motor show in Australia since it was first built. Way over the top with everything including performance. Unfortunately the car has ended up under a truck, but the people are recovering ok (from what I read). Notice the stuck speedo...
  19. L

    An Aussie's opinion of the new 5 series

    I went to the, suposedly, 'exclusive' launch of the new 5 series in Adelaide. It was a very classy event. Black tie, Symphony Ochestra, $1000 lottery ticket with a 1 in 200 chance to win a new 5 etc etc etc... Kudos to the BMW dealers, they really know how to put on a show. Eventually the car...
  20. L

    Aussie E320 and CLK500

    The E320 is mine in TEALITE BLUE The CLK500 is my step mom's in ICE BLUE
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