1. R

    Auto-dimming mirror retrofit

    Hi all, Further to a previous post about retrofitting an auto-dimming mirror on my CLS, it was suggested that all it would take was a simple swap of the mirror glass. It has been a bit more fiddly than that because the front edge of the mirror housing unit was not thick enough to accommodate...
  2. M

    Retrofit Autodimming Rear View mirror?

    Is it just a case of buying the mirror? Ie the wiring /plug etc all ready there? Thanks
  3. S


    [sold] GENUINE MERCEDES C CLASS W203 DRIVERS WING MIRROR GLASS (not Auto-Dimming) Hi all, I mistakenly bought a non auto dimming, but heated mirror glass for my W203. I have since bought the correct one, and now have the non auto-dimming one going spare. Anyone want it, it's in good...
  4. TortureGarden

    Auto-Dimming RVM in CL203

    here's something i poster over on MBWorld and haven't had any responses. Any bites here? good afternoon folks. long-time lurker, first time poster (well, i tacked this question on to the end of another thread but i think that was a pretty stupid thing to do - didn't want to infringe). i have...
  5. A

    W202/W208/W210 AutoDimming RVM Andy C.
  6. pupsi

    W140 Auto-Dimming rear view mirror wiring help

    As above, i have a w140 auto dimming rear view mirror which i am installing on my w124. Mounting and such i can do, but the plug on the end of the wiring i need help with. Im not sure which colours indicate what so am not sure how to wire it. The colours of the wires are: brown (which i have...
  7. andy27168

    Auto-dimming door mirror Help

    Hi, On my 99 C43 and my pre-facelift 97 C230K I have fitted an Auto-Dimming mirror, which as expected works perfectly, Just plug and play as the HOW TO's suggested. There is a lot mentioned regarding making the door mirror auto dim too. Well I,m in the process of converting folding, blinking...
  8. SilverSaloon

    W124 auto-dimming mirror - is this rare?

    hi how rare is a W124 interior auto-dimming rear view mirror? thanks derek
  9. M

    r-class auto-dimming rear-view mirror

    Hello all. My first post here; I'm after some help. I just bought an r-class but it doesn't have an auto-dimming RV mirror. My mistake: I didn't check when I bought from dealership... I asked the dealer if they could fit one - they said no. A couple of questions to all you knowledgeable...
  10. mb240

    W208 auto-dimming rear view mirror

    Hi all, On my 1998 W210 E240, I had the auto dimmin rear view mirror (the one with the tiny sensory diode thing on the corner of the mirror) - very handy for drivers behind you with main beams on. On my 2000 W208 CLK55, it is a regular switch change mirror - so you push or pull the lower...
  11. NW_Merc

    Autodimming mirror for W210 and facelift W202
  12. S

    Problem connecting an auto-dimming RVM for a W203

    Hi, Hope one of you who bought an auto-dimming RVM for a W203 from R2D2 recently can help. The auto-dimming RVM I got from R2D2 has an 8-pin connector. The socket in the car requires a 6-pin connector. Question: Does your W203 auto-dimming RVM come with a 8-pin connector? If so, how did...
  13. splang

    How to fit an auto-dimming rvm please

    Hi there, I have searched extensively but cannot find instructions on how to : a) remove my existing rvm b) install the auto-dimmer I just bought. Help appreciated :) btw it is a w203
  14. splang

    Can anyone find a w203 rear view autodimming mirror please?

    Hi all, I guess the title says it all... I imagine it will just fight like the old one did (as long as i have the wiring??!) Thanks all Steve
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