1. Gucci

    How do you convert .MOD files to .AVI or .MPEG on a Mac?

    As the title suggests, I have a Panasonic Digital Camcorder. Nifty little thing, but outputs .MOD files. I've searched online, but not getting the right result. A few suggest simply renaming the file to MPEG - which didn't work. I also downloaded a converter on free trial - app wouldn't open...
  2. Gucci

    Converting .MOD files into AVI or MPEG on a Mac

    I have a tidy little Panasonic SDR-S50 Camcorder, but it outputs .MOD files. My Mac isn't impressed. I've seen some third party software that promises to convert the files, but they all look a bit 'toilet'. Is there an easy solution, or recommended piece of conversion software out there...
  3. Tan

    Converting AVi files

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good piece of software for converting AVi files to DivX format that can be played on a DVD player. Thanks Tan
  4. BTB 500

    .AVI movie file format question (frames per second)

    I have a little (tiny) video camera, which is supposed to shoot 30 frames per second (fps). It records .avi format files. The properties tab in Windows says 30 fps. If I import the file into Windows Movie Maker and check the properties it says 30.99 frames per second. But ... if I step...
  5. Chattonmill

    DVD to .Avi ripper

    I am off on My Jollies on Friday, but I need to convert some of the kids DVD's to .avi files so that I can play them on My Archos. I would just play them through the DVD player except that is a PS2 and if ine wants to play games the other cant use that to watch movies.... So, does anyone know of...
  6. OGiii

    AVI to DVD

    Does anybody have any suggestions for the esiest way to burn AVIs to a DVD. I have loads of small AVI clips with sound of the kids from the digital camera and want to put them on DVD so that I can give them to the Grannies. Thanks.
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