1. W

    To the bat van Robin ...

    Amazing ... 1990 Ford Escort mk4 Batman Batmobile Ice Cream Milkshake classic catering van | eBay
  2. $

    Bat wings

    Hi all, can anyone tell me what the "bat wings" are called on the inside of the boot of my sons 2004 sl350 as I've appeared to have broken one while removing the boot lining to repair the boot lock which had seized up? Thanks. :dk:
  3. Spinal

    Batch File Help (.bat)

    I need some help decompiling a Windows batch file... 1. regedit.exe /s ".\SYS\lsa.reg" 2. <some code> 3. regedit.exe /s ".\SYS\win.reg" I've added the line markers... The middle line contains a few batch commands, but I have no clue what the two registry editor commands do...
  4. Bobby Dazzler

    Same bat time, same bat place

    Has it ever occurred to anybody else that you can often see the same people in the same places on the way to work? I don't leave home in the morning - or work in the evening - at a particular time, but I still seem to see the same people most journeys. The chances of actually seeing them...
  5. Steve_Perry

    Bat on ebay Anyone for a Bat-mobile? S.
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