1. WDB124066

    Cancel that gym membership - run a hot bath instead

    Must be April 1. Cancel that gym membership - run a hot bath instead |
  2. Tim203

    Bath time and service

    Don't half look better for a bath even if it was just a lick and a promise! Anyone else been nurturing their pride and joy?
  3. reflexboy

    Bath refurb/re-enamel

    The glaze on my steel pressed bath about four inches from the rim has changed from a smooth shiny gloss finish to a rough hard to clean matt surface. It almost looks like a tide mark! I know it's probably cheaper to get a new one but I tiled over tiles and the seal from the bath to the wall is...
  4. W

    Any structual engineers near Bath?

    Hi all, Looking for a structual engineer to do some calculations on what is needed to hold my back wall up when I knock through for an extension. I had one booked thats let me down and so hunt is back on. Needed sooner rather than later and I am near Bath. Any leads appreciated!
  5. Piff

    Fibreglass bath repair

    I have been preparing a flat for re-letting & handover is scheduled for next Monday. In cleaning the bathroom I have noticed that there is a fine crack in the bottom of the bath, approx 30mm long. The crack is in the "ribbed" non-slip area, so a repair isn't going to stand out. I had planned...
  6. SportsCoupeRich

    Plug (bath, not bash street...)

    Hi - please help. SWMBO is going mad at me. A month ago we had some decorators in. They accidentally threw the bath plug out (i know...). I was supposed to sort but didnt get time before leaving UK for spell in Mid East. I did get a chance to note the diameters so I could find and order...
  7. S

    Mechanic in Bath or Bristol

    Hi guys, I am quite new to the forum and to the Mercedes world. I have a C200 Kompressor, which broke down last week. It does look like it is the starter motor, so all I would need is a Mercedes specialist. Does any of you know a reliable person in Bath or around Bristol? Regards, G
  8. brucemillar

    Seeking Help. WWII Merchant Navy - City of Bath - Ellerman Lines

    Folks I am doing some long overdue research into a (now deceased) family members time in the Merchant Navy Convoys during WWII. He was Chief Engineer on the following ship: City of Bath Torpedoed & sunk by U508 on the 02nd December 1942 of the coast of Brazil. Searches on The U-boat Wars...
  9. Charles Morgan

    The Bath Store - and you think MB customer service is hopeless

    I am renovating my house. As part of that I have two bathrooms and a cloakroom to replace, so I have spent the last couple of weeks going round, pricing things up and generally getting specs of the internet. In total, I planned to spend about £3000 on fittings. The Bath Store has the best...
  10. W

    I.A.M Jaguar diver: London to Bath in 1963

    In the days before the M4 JE82FZpq0qM How times have changed and not just how people speak :)
  11. Baron_Samedi

    £30 MOT at MB Bath

    Nice and cheap, but no valet or vacuuming... just as well as I would have been upset that their crew let themselves loose on my car. One advisory... rear tyres near legal limit. Nexen tyres must be made of slippery cheese! Almost worn out in less than 8000 miles and I don't play light the TC...
  12. WLeg

    Maple Audio - Bath

    Has anyone used them for the repair of a head unit ? Maple Audio The 6x CD changer in our XC90 has gone.....and Volvo are looking at £550.00 + labour to code & replace.
  13. N

    Need to move a bonnet from Reading to Bath.

    Any suggestions for a reasonably cheap way to get it there undamaged? Ta!
  14. imadoofus

    Bath Panel Advice Please

    Long story; I think it'll be fun for you lot to fill in the blanks: Today is Christmas Day. This morning, at 7am, my main bathroom was perfect. At 8am, there was a vertical Dremel incision down the bath panel. As you may know, I only have one good arm at the mo, so how could I possibly...
  15. T

    indie/ auto electrician near bath

    hi all looking for a good indie or auto electrician near bath...can you recommend anyone who is really good at their job? thanks
  16. glojo

    Two birds having a bath together

    Hi everyone, Sorry about my silly sense of humour, this picture was taken from my bed, and through a glass patio double glazed door. The picture has been cropped to allow it to be posted but it still looks cute. The other picture I took has four birds, but that does not have the same...
  17. M

    Service in Bath

    I'm delighted with the service from MB Bath (formerly John Tallis) - particularly as they offer a 'mature mercedes' discount on labour and parts for my 1990 300TE. Just wondering if anyone has found a better independent alternative around this area as it would be handy to have an alternative?
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