1. lisa110rry

    ...and the countdown has begun

    As I write we are nearly half way through March, and I've begun to think about changing the cars round and taxing the little green Merc. Had a bit of a worry a couple of weeks ago when it wouldn't start but after 24 hours gentle charging, it did start with a second or two of a noise that...
  2. M

    Countdown of road trip to Italy has begun!

    My wife and I are on our final countdown for the start of our road trip, commencing this thursday. Car has been serviced and checked from bumper to bumper, my wife has bought all her shoes and we are really looking forward to it. Leaving Swansea on thursday morning to Dover ,crossing to Calais...
  3. JOM

    The countdown has begun

    After driving round in a borrowed 1.2 Clio for the last 4 weeks, will be collecting the SLK next Friday :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: Sorry but just getting excited :o
  4. Koolvin

    The Revolution Has Begun !

    THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN ! Link: :bannana:
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