1. A

    Air scarf blows fuse.

    I have airscarf and the driver side works ok, but when the passenger side button is depressed it blows a fuse in the dashboard fuse panel, and this stops both seats airscarf working......everything else is ok. I disconnected both the heater and blower connectors from both seats, and the same...
  2. V

    Brake light fuse blows when pedal NOT pressed! (pics)

    Hi guys please help, If I keep brake pedal pressed & start engine all is fine but soon as let go of brake pedal the fuse blows, no brake lights & EPS + ASR light on! The Yellow/Black wire on brake light switch is return signal telling system pedal is Not being pressed but is shorted to...
  3. P

    Heater blows hot air continuosly

    HI I'm new to this forum and have a problem with my 2002 ML270 CDI the heater is blowing hot air all the time even when the controls are put to cold can anyone help please?
  4. O

    W209 CLK blows cold when cornering

    Hi, My 2003 W209 CLK 320 heater blows cold air into the cabin when I go round corners. Any ideas please? I take a route to work with lots of bends and as it's starting to get chilly in the mornings I'd really like to put a stop to it. Thanks Oliver
  5. Aubergin3

    Air Con only blows hot, unless set to low.

    Hey guys/gals, So i just bought an w220 S Class 320 CDI and its fantastic, all the toys and engine i mean, however didnt realise until a few days after purchasing that the Air Con system is a bit of a weird one. Set the temp to 22 degrees as i would in my other cars, but for some reason it...
  6. R

    W203 heater blows cold

    Can anyone out there help. My C200 cdi heater only blows cold air unless I turn the controls fully up it then blows really warm. I cannot get anything in between. The engine temp sits about 80 deg.which I think is normal but the warm air only comes out when controls maxed out.
  7. Meldrew2

    Rose McGowan blows her top

    Rose McGowan's convertible car top flies off on the highway | Mail Online Some people shouldn't be allowed in an SL............... .
  8. A

    W124 blows hot air or cold

    Hi, I have read every w124 hot air related threads. I have a w124 w/o aircon with two temp wheel. If I set to the coldest position (till clicking) then it seems the douvalve close as the air change from hot to almost cold (not outside cold just warm...ish) If then I set the wheel somewhere...
  9. S

    slk200 manual slk170 year 2000 roof switch fuse 7 blows

    hi all slk roof switch keeps blowing fuse 7 so roof will not operate or even light up button any ideas would be good if you too have had this problem before i have to spend loads of money at the dealer thanks
  10. pugilist

    C220 cdi starter fuse blows

    My earlier post describes problems as a result of a flat battery. Have just bought a new battery and the car started great first time. Have run the car and switched it off twice. On trying to restart again the 20amp fuse for the start circuit blew. Replaced the fuse and it blew immediately...
  11. I

    A/C Blows air when car is off?!

    Hey MBforum, My 99 C43 amg blows air when the car is off... the only way i can turn it off is if i take the fuse out under the hood, which is kinda annoying. So i was wondering what the problem could be. If its just the regulator then i have no problem finding one on ebay and replacing it...
  12. Dave Lewis

    w124 indicator fuse blows

    Hi, my E280 developed a fault last night, and I would appreciate some advice: when indicating left, the fuse (no.6) blows. There's no problem when indicating right. If I switch the hazards on, it blows both fuse no.6 and no.9. When operating the infra red alarm/immobiliser/central locking, the...
  13. glojo

    Kimi Raikkonen blows another engine

    Well once again another Mclaren engine has 'Let go' When this kept happening at BAR some folks blamed the driver. With all the modern electronic controls that these engines have, is it possible for the driver to accidentally overstress the engine? KIMI RAIKKONEN "Obviously I'm a...
  14. P

    C250TD - AC - blows fast and slow

    Had my 250TD for a few weeks now and have noticed something strange with the AC. BTW, its the manual type not climate control. Anyway, when I turn it on and set it to. say, number 4 it blows out very hard. Then without chaning the setting it seems to slow down. Sometimes then a few minutes...
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