1. C

    Speed Camera "BONG"

    Hi All Is there any way to change the setting when a camera is detected? At the moment, when the "BONG" occurs it stops the ipod/radio for 2/3 seconds:mad:
  2. Burger

    Bong - Pressure Loss

    Driving along in my new to me SL today on the M3, I drove over a somewhat uneven piece of tarmac/concrete/pot holes (normal motorway surface) at which point there was a Bing Bong and the dash message displays lit up red and said something about tyre pressure loss. Car felt fine so I took the...
  3. N


    Hi folks, I'm tentatively posting in the Engine forum as I suspect my problem may be exhaust-related. Now I'll admit that I'm being lazy here, I should crawl under and check this out before bothering folks, but I've been a tad under the weather for a week or so, so I'm taking the easy way out...
  4. G

    bing bong sound when switching off.

    Hello everyone, Silly question but cant find an answer in the handbooks. When I switch off and remove the key I get a BING,BONG,BING,BONG like sound. I have never bothered about it as I assumed it was just an overly stupid way to say that I can get out of the car now. Last week a friend...
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