1. ringway

    Bournemouth Poole Area BH12 3LR. Can someone inspect a car for me please?

    A cry for help. My son has saved for quite some time to buy his dream car - A VW GOLF R32. We have viewed all sorts of "Pristine" rubbish but it would seem that he has now found what is almost the perfect car. He's willing to travel the 200+ miles from Cheshire to Poole, but the reviews on...
  2. MBE320

    Hello from Bournemouth

    Hello from Bournemouth with lots of pictures Hi, my name is Chris and live in Bournemouth. Not new to classic Mercedes ownership, have owned many over the years, mainly w201's and w124's. Anyway, a few days ago I added another to the fleet, did not want to buy another but just couldn't let...
  3. MBE320

    Wheel refurbishing...... Bournemouth Poole

    Anyone recommendations? Used one many years ago in Poole near Macro's cash and carry, did a decent job but found them a bit pricey.
  4. S

    New Member - Bournemouth

    Hi, just a quick one to introduce myself as a new member. I'm based in Bournemouth and have just bought my first Mecedes, up until now I've had Ford's, Volvo's, an Alfa, Fiats, Vauxhall's and Saab's so this is a very nice change (although a couple of previous cars weren't too bad for comfort...
  5. MB-BTurbo

    Anyone live in Bournemouth, Dorset?

    I have been looking for a tailgate for my B class and this one has cropped up. Before I enter into any more discussion I was wondering if anyone lived there who wouldnt mind having a look at it ensuring there are no scratches, dents rust spots etc. MERCEDES BENZ B CLASS 5 DOOR BOOT TAILGATE...
  6. A

    [Sat 2nd June] Bournemouth / Poole / Ferndown Jubilee Car Show

    As part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Ferndown Town Council are organising an afternoon/evening celebration. There will be craft stalls, games, stalls from Ringwood Brewery and New Forest Ice Cream, a falconry display, and much more, all finished off with fireworks in the evening. There...
  7. A

    Anyone from Bournemouth (favour to ask)

    Hello is any member from Bournmouth who is prepared to collect some parts and I would arrange courier from their house? Long short but the power or the forum has been good before Details of location are :_ BOURNEMOUTH BH9 2QL Please PM if able to help:thumb:
  8. M

    Christchurch / Poole / Bournemouth Mercedes Service

    Can anyone recommend either a MB Stealership in the Bournemouth (Dorset / Hampshire) area or a good independent. My car is looming to its third anniversary and will need an MOT soon. It has a full MB service history to date, I’m keen to keep it serviced as I do a high mileage, I just don’t...
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