1. F

    Delays from Bremen?

    Morning All, First post here as I just found the forum. Excited to have my first Mercedes AMG and get a new MY17 C63 Coupe, but unfortunately over the last few weeks my order has kept getting pushed back. It was suppose to be ready (delivery date 2) on 4th October. Each week leading up to...
  2. Benzmanc

    Bremen Tour

    We're spending a week in Germany and then another in Norway next year so i've booked to go on the MB factory tour in Bremen :bannana: Has anyone else been on this tour??? what can we expect apart from a lot of robots lol ?? Daz
  3. W

    Bremen Factory

    Hi all, Does anyone have an E-mail address for the Bremen Factory in Germany. I don't want the musium one. I need a drawing of a part and thought I would ask them if they would send me a copy. Best regards Mike
  4. gtione

    My personal collection experience - Bremen Sept 2010

    Well as promised I am ready to share my experience of my recent personal collection from Mercedes Benz. I ordered my E Coupe 350 Cdi just over three months ago from Mercedes Benz Brooklands and opted for the personal collection program as I had heard good things about it through this forum...
  5. P

    SLK Factory collection - Bremen?

    MB have ordered the replacement SLK for us after the parktronic saga. They also gave us the option to add any other bits - so we went with phone pre-wire, rain sensing wipers, tyre pressure loss warning and remote roof operation. I also have the option to collect it from the factory. There...
  6. Maff

    Visit to the Bremen Factory last December...

    Last set of pictures! I can't seem to stay away from MB organised events!
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