1. A

    Wheel brushes

    I must of gone through a fair few cheap Halfords wheel brushes in my time and this is the latest one:mad: So after reading up on a decent wheel brush I went for the one everyone is raving about and got myself a set of wheel woolies. At 45 quid for the set i thought a bit expensive. But took...
  2. moodubs

    W163 abs lights (brushes)

    Hi thanks for looking at my post, and more importantly thanks to all you people out there for posting the below link C1401 ABS/ETS/BAS lights come on randomly - Mercedes-Benz Forum my question is does anyone in the uk know where I can purchase the correct copper spec brushes please...
  3. S

    W108 window brushes?

    Hi all, I've stripped down my W108 doors ready for imminent welding/painting, I'm going to need to replace the horizontal window brushes inner and outer. Does anybody know of a cheap source for these, are they specific to W108s or are there some generic ones that will do the job? Cheers.
  4. S

    blower motor brushes?

    For a while my blower has been playing up - after a bit of research it seemed like it might be the blower motor resistor regulator might be the culprit. I just replaced this and it has improved things, but I noticed that the blower doesn't always burst into life. A sharp tap with the handle of...
  5. B

    how can i tell if my heater moter's packed up or if its just the brushes

    Hi all, Posted on hea the other day ,,,as im going to try n fix the heating issues on my clk this weekend,,,have sourced a new blower but i have been searching the web and have found brush's are a lot cheaper to replace,,, So basically i want to know is it better/easier just to change the moter...
  6. franey

    Heater Motor Brushes back in stock.

    After a long delay, I now have the heater motor brushes back in stock for the member price of £8 per pair inc postage. :thumb:
  7. G

    1998 c250 td heater motor & brushes

    Hi all I've been reading through some previous threads regarding heater motors, in connection with a problem with mine. My heater motor has stopped working, but will sort of run with a bit of proding etc when the plastic motor cover is removed. Having read through previous threads the...
  8. BDE1V

    CLK 320 Blower Motor Brushes (W208)

    On travelling down to the Isle of Wight for summer holiday my Blower Motor decided to give up on me ( temperatures in the late 20 degrees all week. Eventually decided to go to the Mercedes Dealer at Newport for Advice regarding the problem, giving him all symptoms of no fan working etc. His...
  9. threepwood

    E300 (w210) Heater blower brushes Seems like a not unusual problem, but the brushes on the heater motor have just about joined the choir invisible. Does anyone know if the above mentioned brushes will fit? (It's a 1996 Diesel) Ta. Threep
  10. kjgood

    Heater Blower Motor Brushes W202

    Has anyone managed to find a supplier of brushes for the heater blower motor on a facelift W202 yet? I know several people were looking a short while ago.
  11. kjgood

    Heater Blower Brushes

    My W202 C240 Sport is suffering from what seems to be a common fault, the heater blower motor brushes are worn out. Has anyone located a source of supply yet or has the exact dimensions of a full size brush? I have done as most have, a temp repair for now by stretching springs and inserting a...
  12. marc777

    Jet wash brushes - tip for the day

    If you have to use the brush at the jet wash, why not remember to use the high pressure lance on the brush before letting the brush anywhere near your car - it helps ensure its as clean and grit free as possible. Marc
  13. L

    replacement brushes for sunroof motor W124

    Hi all, I'm new to this list so apologies if this has been asked before - I did search however... ;) I have taken the sunroof motor out of my W124 300TE as it was playing up. On stripping it down I find that the brushes are worn out, the rest of the motor and mechanism are fine. Does...
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