1. Scott_F

    RIP Prince Buster

    A legend of ska and blue beat. l1lSIIOQ1Ck
  2. developer

    Lets Hear It From The Craving Buster Experts

    I'm ok at breakfast, I'm ok at lunch, I can manage a sensible evening meal (if I try hard) and I don't drink, however, I get the munchies really badly when at home on the sofa, and as such I'm overweight by some margin (17 1/2 stone, 5ft 11 1/2). I'd welcome any tips on beating the cravings...
  3. R

    amazing bargain!!! CREDIT CRUNCH buster!

    wow I still cant believe i am enjoying driving something this cheap ! I have had lots of cars over £30k new merc convertibles, porsches, a corvette, tt , beemers etc, but im loving this ,I am also used to classics one of my other vehicles is a 1964 VW splitscreen samba campervan , I previously...
  4. D

    Fancy a pollutions buster?

  5. Jukie

    Speed Buster??

    Does anyone know of these guys and/or their products? http://speed-buster.moonfruit.com/ Jukie
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