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    C250TDI Auto - Gearbox problem?

    Only happens some of the time - it seems to be anoterh time you'll drive the car and it'll be OK. Problem is:- Car won't go over 70mph and seems pretty sluggish. If you kickdown or manually change gear (not at 70mph) the engine revs increase but the speed remains the same. Weird. Of...
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    C250TDI Auto - Sluggish - wont 'kickdown'

    I've been thinking somethings up for a while... Took it out for a drive tonight on quiet roads. Anyway, it looks like the auto box is refusing to kick down whatever... Never really noticed it too much before but if I remember it changes down if you ram your foot down. At the moment, its...
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    c220cdi vs c250tdi ?

    Thinking of bying one of this models, both 98 year. Specs says c220cdi has more mpg and almost the same performance as 250tdi. Any ideas which engine is better? Now I have 300d w124 91 Thanks!
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