1. roman82

    Mercedes c36 1996 parts

    Hi to all members mb.for sale parts c36. ENGINE ,GEARBOX ,FRONT FOG LIGHT AND REAR TAIL PIPES NOT FOR SALE. As we bought this car to removed engine into w124ce. So for sale: interior in super condition black,suspension,side skirts,brakes,doors,ignition lock with 2 keys and many more. We r in...
  2. J

    Amg c36

    Rare sight now with a decent service history C36 amg Mercedes fsh 87k miles advisory free mot For Sale (1995) on Car And Classic UK [C836569]
  3. M

    C36 96c999

    Hi All, I'm looking to find and possibly buy back my old c36. The registration number is 96c999 I'm located in Cork, Ireland. From previous posts I see dan210988 owned the car previously and sold it to a guy in Killarney, Kerry. If anyone has any information, please let me know...
  4. The _Don

    Happy birthday Bruno c36 fan

    Happy 29th bro you Cu.
  5. Z

    Bad idle on c36 amg

    Got an c36 amg -96 with some problem with bad idle an stalling on acceleration. I have read the fault codes on the car with hfm-scan and it says 035, Post Lamda control is at rich stop : mixture to lean. 084, Post, ACTUAL Short-time self adaption idle speed or part load exceeded...
  6. P

    C36 AMG for breaking

    Got another C36 AMG for breaking 97 in silver on 64k miles. Complete engine inc ecu and loom - £2800 Bodykit - £500 Black leather interior with wood trim- £250 Brake calipers - £150 Shocks/springs - £250 Exhaust - £250 722.6 prov sold
  7. afflier

    1997 c36 amg

    1997 P Reg Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG Auto 3.6 286bhp Aquamarine Blue RARE | eBay
  8. P

    64k mile C36 AMG engine, 5 speed gearbox, and ancillaires.

    Complete 64k mile C36 AMG engine, uncut loom, ecu, 5 speed gearbox, and all ancillaires. £3200. Located in Cornwall.
  9. Notwen

    C36 4 speed Transmission Sensor

    My 1995 C36 is starting to show signs of the loom deteriation, I am currently removing to send to Si-Leck, after following some of the threads on here. While under the car I noticed a partly detached connector. Looking at it, it seems to have been like this for some time. Despite some rigorous...
  10. butler23

    C36 AMG seats £50

    Black leather electric amg seats, rear arm rest missing. Head rests been cut for tv's. £50 collected!
  11. poormansporsche

    WTD Mint Prefacelift C280 M104 Wagon,Azzurite,C36 Kit,Monoblocks,AMG Exhaust & Spats!

    Must be rust free and low mileage ! If you have one let me know - top money paid . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pretty specific I know but the car does actually exsist as ive seen it ! Its driven by a couple of old biddies you never know they may be members on here or someone...
  12. horgantrevor

    C43 , C36 Amg/// spats for sale

    Have a full set of Amg /// spats for sale 100 pounds 10 pounds postage Payment via PayPal
  13. merc85

    Brabus c36?

    Mercedes Benz 3.6cc (300+ BHP) C36 AMG Auto BRABUS Edition | eBay
  14. Notwen

    1990's AMG badge

    I am trying to locate the correct boot lid AMG badge for my 1995 C36. The MB number is HWA 201 817 0315, but this now supersedes to the later type. This is the style I am looking for: If anyone has one they wish to part with, please let me know. regards Gareth
  15. U

    Nice C36 AMG

    mercedes c36 amg | eBay
  16. U

    C36 AMG nice colour

    mercedes c36 amg | eBay
  17. Palfrem

    C36 @ £13K anyone?

    Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG // Azurite Blue // 1995 | eBay Are these part of 4 Star Classics I wonder?
  18. Lenny63

    C36 AMG Headlight Trims (Brilliant Silver 744)

    W202 C36 AMG Headlight Trims (Pair) | eBay PM me to discuss any interest here
  19. J

    1972 280 SE 3.5 Auto

    Hello, I am after some guidance and opinion! I've got a 1972 280 SE 3.5 Auto that I have owned for a year. I had it advertised on eBay as bought a VW Golf Rallye however I have decided to keep her! The car doesn't owe me a lot and I have given myself five years to get it completed. It...
  20. Notwen

    C36 for £10k

    Since I have purchased a C36, I am not adverse to seeing the prices rise. Even so, I am not seeing £10ks worth of C36, scant on detail and also appears to have the front wheels mounted on the O/S and the rears mounted on the N/S. 1996 Mercedes-Benz AMG 3.6 C36 4dr | eBay
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