1. WesLangdon

    65k ce300

    not in money in miles 1990 MERCEDES 300CE AUTO | eBay
  2. WesLangdon

    red ce300

    1990 MERCEDES 300CE AUTO PILLARLESS COUPE AMG STYLING EDITION FSH STUNNING CAR | eBay I think this car looks stunning but the 8 owners raises a ? mark, what do the experts think?
  3. WesLangdon

    tatty SEC fronted ce300

    scruffy but charming in a dilapidated sort of way http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1991-MERCEDES-300CE-AUTO-AMG-FULL-SPEC-/220935342524?pt=Automobiles
  4. WesLangdon


    in Yarkshire, blue black, leather and 18" alloys and some interesting other items for sale inc a complete engine and a faulty hoist mercedes w124 300ce | eBay
  5. 300CE

    Mercedes W124 CE300 Auto Pillarless Coupe with HUGE spec

    Mercedes W124 CE300 Auto Pillarless Coupe with HUGE spec. Not SL. One of a kind! | eBay
  6. WesLangdon

    24v ce300

    Blue black, an honest advert and he wants £500 1991 MERCEDES 300CE-24 AUTO BLUE | eBay
  7. 3

    Best Alloy Wheels for a CE300

    Can anyone help!:dk: Been looking for new Alloys for my 300 for ages, but just can't find anything I like! :wallbash: Really didn't want to go for some AMGs, been looking for a Staggered Deep Dish look? What are the best looking wheels for this car?
  8. C

    CE300 On LPG

    As is in my other thread, i was meant to go look at a CE this Saturday unfortunatley now sold.. Ive seen another one thats caught my eye but has LPG conversion Is this is a good or bad thing?? Thanks.
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