1. Swiss Toni

    Greatest Movie Chases! GREAT VIDEO!

    You're going to like this.... :rock: :bannana: :rock: :bannana: :rock: :bannana: I drive with the same facial expression as DeNiro :)
  2. grober

    Greatest Car Movie Chases

    There's a review of best car movie chases on 4car. see Not sure if it features any Mercedes in a starring role. Their role is normally getting smashed. I'm sure this due to their inherent strength being...
  3. SEM

    Police Join Queue In M6 Toll Chases

    Police Join Queue In M6 Toll Chases From Auto Express It sounds like a story from the Keystone Cops, but amazingly, police patrolling the M6 Toll have to queue up to pass through the barriers - even if they're on 999 duty. Following our issue 838 exposé on how the Midlands motorway is...
  4. nickg

    Police test hi-tech zapper that could end car chases

    See below............. Monday July 12, 2004 The Guardian A hi-tech device that can bring speeding cars to a halt at the flick of a switch is set to become the latest weapon in the fight against crime. Police forces in Britain and the US have ordered tests of the new system that...
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