1. S

    Service A & B Checklist

    I've owned my W204 (C180K) 2008 since 2010 and I'm trying to pinpoint exactly what's due in my upcoming yearly service but unable to find it in any of the manuals. I've looked through the 'Owner's Manual C-Class' but none of these give me information as to what's exactly required, it only shows...
  2. hk_1

    W124 Service Checklist

    Hi all, will someone please suggest what things I need to check/replace in a W124 300E-24 (M104) service? I bought this car recently and I want to get its engine components serviced. It has no service history so I think taking a look at everything will be a good idea, All suggestions will be...
  3. J

    What to look for on an 02 plate E320 diesel

    Hi grateful for any hints or tips on what to look for on an older E320 diesel (02 plate) it has low miles, or so the dealer says. Grateful for members experiences of inspecting cars that they may wish to share or any areas that really matter thanks
  4. T

    Checklist For Service(a Thought)

    Hi guys, Had a thought, don't know if its worth,but wanted to see what everyones opinion would be. Is it possible to create a checklist for the vehicles we drive just before we book it in for service,eg- obviously we know things like oil change,plugs,air filter etc. - But there might be...
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