1. C

    Hi MB community

    Hi all, new member keen to get technical help and expertise on a South African W108 import 280S and maybe then be in the position to recipricate!
  2. ringway

    No more Community Service for Tevez.

    Not a footballing thread (I hope) but I doubt an ordinary individual would be granted such leniency. :( The excuses are laughable and the alternative penalty won't hurt Tevez. Lawyers for former Manchester City footballer Carlos Tevez have had his community service order rescinded because...
  3. tonyc280

    Fabulous friendly Mercedes community

    Well i'm beginning to realise what a great community i'm in, from this great site to my local indie to my main dealer Mercedes Leicester where i have a real dear friend working on the sales side. Their certainly not like the stuck up Bond Street Saab which i had numerous conflicts with. Their...
  4. developer

    Brum's Busking Bobby - Community Policing At It's Best

    A bit long, but you get the idea :D 9BdPnMT0ydQ
  5. D

    Donald Trump, Alex Salmond and a whole community destroyed

    Watched this on Sunday night and was astonished at some of the 'players' in the whole episode. BBC iPlayer - You've Been Trumped Goes to show that, in the end, everyone has their price...
  6. T

    Just like Cornwall do you need to be dead before accepted into a community?

    I thought i'd do a write up of the jobs i'm doing on the 320cdi. Started the process n then found it imposible to insert a photo from my files. So, with the link it tries to offer thought I put them in an album on here, then copy n paste....But no chance, I can't:wallbash: Now may be its just...
  7. harleymlb

    Newbie - Hello to the community with problem.

    Hi MBClub. I have just purchased a 2004 W211 Avatgarde Estate. So far very pleased as i purchased through MB Direct used cars on Saturday 28/1/12. I do a lot of caravaning so i took time to find the right one and this was has the "fold away" tow ball with the 13 pin socket mounted on to the...
  8. Koolvin - Dedicated UK A-Class Community II stumbled upon this UK community forum which is dedicated for the A Class. I don't belive it has been posted here.
  9. Satch

    Community Speed Watch

    Is coming to you. As with many other schemes springing up across the country, where speeding is taking place or "perceived to be taking place" by the concerned locals.You can guess who and what horrible types they will be, togged up in Hi Vis jackets, kitted with radar guns and sent off in...
  10. splang

    A growing community

    Wow - I am amazed that the most users ever was at around 7.00am!! Most users ever online was 369, 29-05-2005 at 06:58 AM. I was just wondering if the mods have a history of the most users ever and when it has increased over the years? Just curious really :cool:
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