1. K

    Engine Coolent Drain Plug e200 W124

    Hello there, Can any one tell me where the engine block coolent drain plug is hiding on my e200. It's a 95 with the M111 2.0ltr 16V. I couldn't see it for looking the other day. Thanks for reading.
  2. shorty

    Coolent message

    While driving our 211 today i got a message asing me to top op the coolent . The temp guage was reading normal . Could this be a sign that the rad has started leaking into the auto box . The car shifts and drives fine . The car is an early 03 so it has the bad rad type . I do plan to change this...
  3. G

    coolent sencor

    :rolleyes: where is the coolent secor located on a 1998 320 ml, some say its on the resovior, some say its on the block?
  4. G

    coolent sencor

    does anyone know where the coolent temp sencer is located on a 1998 ML320
  5. stwat

    Leaking auto coolent pipe

    I noticed today that one of the pipes that goes into the radiator from the auto box is leaking quite bad. Could this cause air to get into the hydrolics of the gear box? And could this be why my gearbox seems to be getting more jerky when it changes gear? Any info would be great thanks. Stu.
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