1. astamir

    free to go grey rear seat covers for clk w208

    Hi guys As the title says I've got a rear seats covers in grey leather in a good condition if anyone interested you can collect them from London
  2. S

    Car covers

    I want to protect my car and am thinking of getting a car cover but have heard many negs and positives about this , is it true that rust can form much quicker under one? I have a garage but my car doesn't fit and I cannot extend it so am looking at other options car cover /car tent garage if I...
  3. D

    Indoor car covers

    I'm looking for a good quality indoor cover for my R172 SLK. So far I've identified Classic Additions and Speciialised Car Covers - any more I should be looking at? Suggestions and experience welcome.
  4. D

    Indoor car covers - any recommendations?

    I'm looking for an indoor car cover for my R172 SLK but I'm rather overwhelmed by the choice and price range I want a tailored fit not a generic cover. Any recommendations?
  5. gr1nch

    Protective outdoor car covers - advice and recommendations

    I'm looking for a protective cover for my Mercedes (W222). Any makes or models that you can recommend? It has to not scratch the car, be deployable by one person protect from rain, bird droppings, tree sap etc and be easy to clean, eg by hosing off. I'm looking for it to last until we can get...
  6. A

    Decent leather seat covers

    Hi guys, I am looking for a set of seat covers for my MY63 plate b class. Want something which would fit perfectly on the seats as I need some added protection to my seats as my daughter sometimes throws up in the car. Any ideas where I could get a set?!? Any help is appreciated
  7. S

    Brilliant silver mirror covers W212

    Just replaced mine with gloss black, so have my pair for sale. All boxed How's £60 inc delivery? thanks
  8. T

    Valve Covers.

    I went to the Garage to check tyre pressures and found with the chrome valve stem covers, the air hose would not go down far enough to inflate the tyres, so after removing the said valve covers all was ok. I have had a few Mercedes and this is the first time this problem has occurred. So i...
  9. ringway

    Lovely seat covers for comfort and warmth this winter.

    Lovely! :D If they sell a set of those, I'm a Dutchman's uncle. Winter Plush Car Seat Cover for Benz R300 GLK300 GLK350 B200 Vito Viano | eBay
  10. M

    Seat covers

    My 1999 SL500 is almost mint condition and trying to keep that way. Looking for some nice fitting seat covers, so far can not find any. Thank you for any help.
  11. Screwdriver

    WTB: W124 Saloon MBTEX Seat Covers in Grey

    Greetings All, Looking for grey Tex seat covers for my W124 Saloon. Strong preference for grey MB-Tex but will consider leather as well. Any leads would be very appreciated! Thanks!
  12. I

    LHD W124 including DIY seat covers + years supply of BBQ meatículos/mercedes-benz/e/mercedes-benz-e-300-300-turbo-w124---93/806720
  13. Cabb

    New Vito 447 Seat Covers

    Hi has anyone found decent seat covers for the New Vito Sport Vans I've got the crew van 2 single front seats 3 seat rear bench bought a front set from MB and they are crap Any help much appreciated Thanks Alec
  14. F

    Seat Covers

    <<< That car. Looking for some front seat covers. Need to look like they were designed for these seats and thinish. And good quality as well. :-) These half leather seats seem more like half plastic and along the seem there is a couple of small places where the leather/plastic is coming...
  15. Screwdriver

    WTB: W124 Saloon GREY MB Tex Seat Covers

    Looking for a full set of Grey color MB Tex seat covers to fit a W124 saloon/ sedan. I will pay a premium for MB Tex in excellent condition. Covers must be separate from the seat. Please PM me or post here. Cheers!
  16. T

    Carbon fibre mirrors covers yes or no ???

    Seen a set of carbon fibre mirror covers with red stripe that I'm trying to decide if would look nice on my red w204 or just look too boy racer. Any ideas ???
  17. brucemillar

    Battery terminal covers

    Folks Where can I get the white square terminal cover/flaps that clip over the battery terminals? These usually have two locating dowels that plug into the battery and are made of opaque plastic. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  18. normanh

    Brake caliper covers

    2012-2015 Mercedes Benz SLK250 SLK350 Front Rear Red MGP Brake Caliper Covers | eBay Has anyone used these or have any experience of them. I was considering buying them to cover the horrendous blobs of metal MB fit as calipers. My concerns are the price and the fitment ie as they're from the...
  19. G

    Door Locking Eye / Hook Plastic Covers

    Bought these thinking I'll just have two spares, well not really - apparently the coupé doors' locking eyes are different. :doh: So, these are now for sale - should fit most models, but please check the shape and size of the hook on your car, before purchasing. Nice, matt, deep black...
  20. C

    w202 fitted seat covers

    I have been looking for some decent seat covers for the C180 but not had much luck, has anyone managed to find any good fitted covers. If anybody knows anywhere making them I would be very grateful for any info.
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