1. John

    Robust DECT phones.

    We have a requirement for DECT phones. I buy cheap ones and they last a couple of years. Now this may not be worth doing but does anyone have experience of more robust / durable but reasonably-priced DECT phones (say with a rubber case)? Don't need to be IP rated - purely for the riggers...
  2. T

    DECT cordless phone reception in a house and one master socket

    Problem: moved to a larger house. Only one phone socket at one end of the property. This is connected to a cordless phone with 3 handsets. JUST NOT GETTING A GOOD RECEPTION AT THE OTHER END OF THE HOUSE AND KEEPS DISCONNECTING. Apol for caps. What is the best solution here? Is there a...
  3. wongl

    Tesco Internet Dual Phone by Siemens - Wireless DECT phone

    I purchased two Tesco Internet Dual phone when these were on sale at £60 (down from £89.99) for my daughter and grandparents (abroad) to use while daughter is at University. Turns out that daughter's university will not allow a router to be used (presumably to prevent the internet service in...
  4. mercmanuk

    cordless dect phones

    bt synergy 3500 telephone/answer machine boxed/manuals/etc used but good condition £10+postage bt synergy 2120 cordless phone boxed good condition £6+postage bt synergy 2120 cordless phone good condition no box £5+postage all work perfect just changed to colour screen matching set
  5. WLeg

    DECT Phones

    Does anyone know of any DECT phones that will take 2 lines ? (ie 2 physical connections going into the base unit) - We are getting BT Featureline installed, with a 2-line option. This will give us 2 lines on the same number. There are many "wired" phones that support this, however, we like...
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