1. I

    MB Tier 1 Warranty - mechanical failure - do you have to wait for the breakdown?

    Hi A specialist told me my suspension needed repair, the car is under a T1 warranty (the specialist had no expectation of making the repair so I'm fairly confident in his motives) MB said 'there is play in the suspension but it's not enough to fail an MOT (their own MOT specialists) so...
  2. Palfrem

    Defined benefit pension

    Following the last budget and the ability from next year to take all of one's assorted pension pots in cash - am I correct in thinking that the defined benefit (final salary type) of scheme is likely to remain unchanged? I am taking ill-health early retirement and have a deferred final salary...
  3. nick.ged

    user defined functions in excel

    to any excel wizards out there, i need to write a user defined function in excel 2010 that takes two inputs, the upper and lower range and then solves a sextic equation with real coefficients. ie between the limits of 8>x>1 solve x^6-7x^5+4x^4-14x^3+12x^2-5x+23=0 its really doin my sweed in...
  4. Gucci

    A waste of time and effort defined... Utterly pointless. Why would you? :crazy:
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