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    New car deliver

    I've ordered a new W213 via carwow and the dealer is several hours drive from me. They are saying the delivery that's included in the price is a driven delivery, but I've asked them for a quote on a trailer delivery, as really I'd like it to arrive with me with just a handful of miles 'brand...
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    PCS deliver the goods again

    For those that don’t know, I recently purchased Charles Morgan’s C55 AMG, while on the test drive Charles made it clear the front brake pads would need replacing (CLK63 upgrade) so I booked into PCS. Turned up today and me being me ask Jack and Olly to give the car a good check over as I want...
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    Stand And Deliver !!!!

    Legalised robbery !!!!! I can't believe how much MB want to service my E320 CDi 2000 (W210). £465 for a B service and £255 for an A service. I asked what parts were used on the A service and was told "oil, an oil filter, and some screenwash". So, £255 to change the oil. Well they can shove that...
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