1. IBN

    Urgent Help Required - Cannot disarm Alarm system on W129

    Hi Guys I have a really annoying problem with 300SL (W129) .... I cannot fully turn off the alarm system and I urgently need help /advice. The car is a 1990 (US Spec) with what I think is an infra red (as opposed to radio) plip .... it has sensors by each of the doors (and by the boot lock)...
  2. abbos

    Keyfob opens doors but alarm does not disarm!

    Hey guys, My car is causing me problems again. I press the keyfob, and the doors unlock, but the indicators don't flash and if I open the door the alarm doesn't sound, but I can't start the car. If I relock it, it locks but the indicators don't flash to show that it has armed the alarm...
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