1. ash59fifty-uk

    Who fancies an MB Disco ball

    Oh dear~ https://www.facebook.com/mbfanatics/videos/1190819310959904/
  2. Palfrem

    Disco man

    Does anyone know of any free software that I can use to play back music with please? I have Windows Media player but was wondering if there was anything better? It's my wedding soon and I plan to make up a number of playlists that will just run by themselves. We've asked all our guests to...
  3. un1l

    Wheeler dealers on road - sky disco real time

    Just turned on now, looks like Mike Brewer has got himself a 1984 280 SL Cabrio, Looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! Looks like an AMG!!!
  4. Mozzer

    Landrover Disco TDV6 SE Advice

    Anyone tell me any horror stories / good points about this car (the new shape Landy) as I think I am about to buy one, unless the general consensus is "Run, run for your life" ? Cheers Stuart
  5. WLeg

    Any disco ( Landrover) fans here ?

    Been offered this....(quote from email) It’s a ES TD5 7 SEAT 5 Door Sports with sunroof. The body type is ‘off road’. 2.5 Diesel, Java Black external, Smokestone Grey internal. Its done 57,1000 miles. On top of the list price for an ES, there are other extra’s which seem mandatory to me...
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