1. V

    V5C doc

    Just a quick question regarding this, under section 4 d2 what is the vehicle type. Is this supposed to be the model ie 205 or am i being too picky in what it says. Mine says 204 and I thought model was 205. Anyone elses say this. Car is a C200 amg premium petrol.
  2. developer

    RIP Doc Watson

    I know he won't be known by many, but rather spookily, my lad's been learning this over the last week and then I notice he died 29th May. A legend in the circles of this genre. 6VAbrnjdtYw

    Tec Doc

    Hi, at my work we have a system some my know called TecDoc. A awesome cross reference program. We pay daft amount of money for this program , however if you have an iPhone , search for tecdoc in the apple store , you will find it in app form! And it's free. !!
  4. A

    Plate Retention doc back and Part of V5 can I go to DVLA and Transfer plate?

    Hello Just had the retention certificate back off the A class we had and also have part of the V5 off the new to us car we bought (Sections 10 and 11). Question please..... Can I take the retention certificate and this part of V5 to transfer plate onto new to us car. Or do I need to...
  5. ckember

    insurance companies drop DOC

    Auto express today had a little article which states that Norwich Union will drop the DOC "Drive Other Cars" from their comprehensive cover. This will mean that if you have comp cover you will not get the third party only cover on any other car you drive. This will take affect on new...
  6. BenzComander

    Convert a Word doc into an email??

    Not sure if I should know how to do this? Have created a cover letter for clients in word, including a couple of pictures and would like to send it as an email. Tried using the email function of word but it just jumbled up the pictures and messed up the layout! Any ideas please?
  7. jukie

    Happy Birthday Osagefo & The Doc ....

    ... :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: (and me :o )
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