1. ShaunB

    Amazon echo dot

    I purchased one of these a few days ago, together with two TP link smart plugs. The dot works really well and I'm impressed with it, also controlling lights via voice is also really handy. The TP link plugs on their own would also be really handy, as you can control them remotely, set on off...
  2. smillion

    New 2015 CLS ordererd - Orange Wheels dot com

    Yesterday I ordered the 2015 CLS for delivery last week of October. There seems to be very little with the dealers about the specific specs and it was a forum member that put me onto the Internet new car websites which do seem to have some details. Ended up on Orange Wheels and what an...
  3. Yogib

    Black dot on each alloy

    Hi - don't know if anyone can help? i have a black (firmly stuck) sticky dot on each alloy on the silver rim. It is a new C220 Sport Plus. They are in different places on each alloy and more curious what they are there for more than anything. Thanks
  4. W

    Can you mix dot 4 and dot 5.1?

    Can you mix dot 4 and dot 5.1 brake fluid? A Google search gives an inconclusive answer so does anyone know for sure what the answer is? I guess people like to know why such questions are asked. Well, I'd like to change the brake fluid of one of my cars, of course. For other cars in the...
  5. cara.smith

    Hello friend (sound alarm)

    Hello friends I am new user for this forums with my website sound and alarm
  6. Bobby Dazzler

    DOT rating of brake fluid in 2003 ML?

    Changed the pads today and had to draw off some excess brake fluid, and I was absolutely paranoid about spilling drops. Done some research and found several sources ( brake fluid paint) that suggest that glycol-based (DOT 3 and DOT 4) brake fluid strips paint - as per normal...
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