1. nick mercedes

    duel sim phones

    Anyone got any views on duel-sim phones such as this one: HK Free ship cheap Star N8000+ (i9220) MTK 6577 3G phone 5.08"Capacitive 1GHZ Dual core Android 4.0 RAM512MB ROM4GB N9770 X710D-in Mobile Phones from Phones & Telecommunications on Aliexpress.com ?
  2. pluggers

    Duel Layer DVD

    Im looking at purchasing a new duel layer DVD writer,I dont want to pay too much £60ish but has anyone any thoughts as too a good one I have been offered numerous NEC ones but also people have said go for something like plextor or liteon.I quite like the set up on this liteon but its proving...
  3. KillerHERTZ

    Ot: Duel Is On Bbc2

    Great film. Spelburgs 1st film
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