1. B

    Apple iMac 20" 2.66 320GB DVDRW +

    Hi all I am selling my iMac 20". It comes with Apple software 10.5.8 complete in the box etc. It has the keyboard and mouse with it too. Excellent condition, no longer required sadly. Running 2GB RAM at the moment. £680 + post (around £15 for postage) Make me a reasonable offer :)
  2. E

    comand dislikes Dvdrw

    Hi all, Recently had my comand replaced due to screen prob, my query is the old one used to play all kind of CD & DVDs id feed it, the new one is a virgin and doesn't like DVDRWs (DVD error)
  3. mercmanuk

    dvdrw wont write at 8 speed

    i'm running a pioneer 16 speed writer on ide 1,set to slave 16 speed dvd rom on ide 2,set to master.. when using an 8 speed dvd blank i cant get it to copy at 8 speed only 4. nero "latest version" says its an 8 speed disc and it will take x minutes ,starts to write then takes twice as long...
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