1. flango

    BMW 7 Series E65

    Wrong forum I know but has anyone ever run the V8 version of the the BMW 7 series E65? I've been offered a low mileage one at a very advantageous price and as I need a daily driver shortly I'm thinking it may not be a bad idea. Car in question is a 745i with only 70k on the clock and is mint...
  2. I

    w220 s320 cdi vs e65 730d (55>)

    Hello people im new to this forum and im on the verge of most likely purchasing an 04/05 s320 cdi. Ive done tonnes of research on this car as well as the e66 730d and im in the middle in what to get. I know that the s class is more of a luxury car compared to its rivals and that the 730d is more...
  3. R

    W211 E65 front bumper

    Artikelnummer: 330737749882 Thought I might like to see this fitted to someones W211 in blighty, selfishly so I can see what it looks like! Is need to restrain myself from buying it for my own car. **Just to edit this, seems my link has not worked, (sorry) will try and repost it, but...
  4. Dave Richardson

    Wanted Nokia E65

    Has anyone got one to sell that is either unlocked or on vodaphone, with or without charger PM or e mail [email protected] Dave
  5. whitenemesis

    E65 amg

    In my dealers this w/e, E65 estate '07 with 2k on the clock, all the boxes ticked including LSD £49850 :cool::D
  6. jadefox

    replacing housing on my Nokia E65

    ok, I bought a new total housing for my nokia e65, but I just looked on line and it seems almost impossible for a lay person to do on their own with no prior experience, I can change the face plate and battery cover no sweat, but it looks like you have to take the phone to bits in order to do...
  7. I

    nokia E65 phonebook

    i just got my E500 08' and when i connect my nokia e65 with the BT cradle i can make and recive calls but i cant see my phonebook in the command system. any ideas? thanks for your help...
  8. S

    E65 Amg

    I was passing time looking at the AMG tuning website & then the MB UK web site. It would appear the E55 AMG is no longer part of the range it must have been considered a bit wimpy (!!) it's been replaced by the E65 AMG tHe estate must been the ultimate wolf in sheeps clothing. How non PC is...
  9. SilverSaloon

    My BMW 7 Series E65

    enjoy: 1ST SET OF PIX 2ND SET OF PIX Mods to date: debadged Metallic Silver Paint alloy wheel referb clear bulbs all round speed camera detector wired in properly latest 2006-1 map dvd installed spec from factory: Dynamic Drive Steering wheel heating Star Spoke 95...
  10. KLP 92

    Michael Schumacher's BRABUS E65

    Found this 440 BHP beauty while surfing ebay: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4578122657 All that power from a V8!
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