1. Herishi

    Star enabled members in essex / suffolk

    guys I have fitted an NTG 2.5 comand unit to my S211, and it has been coded to the car and works fine. However I want the Sat nav directions screen and the compass heading / street name screen enabled. I have spoken with comand online and they are quoting £120 and are not that local...
  2. D

    wanted :Cheap Android Internet Enabled Phone on o2

    hi just droped my HTC sensation screen broken bad and other problems looking for same thing in the same line need asap have a motorola xoom 32gb tab i can swop for same thing better with cash if need be
  3. E

    Star enabled?

    I've just ordered a new e class coupe for 1st March, what I need to know is when I take delivery what "options" in star are enabled and do I get to select anything? When I collected my lexus a few years ago they gave me a sheet of options and I just ticked what I wanted enabling.
  4. L

    Getting Navi enabled on dash cluster.

    Well I went down to Tony Purslows today to get my Dash cluster enabled for my comand retro fit. I printed out the procedures for it from this site and handed them over to the service manager. They were a little confused at first as they had my down for a Garmin sat nav programming?!?. After...
  5. scumbag

    TMC enabled Navteq DVD

    I have been assured, by Mercedes Benz of Harrogate, that the TMC enabled DVDs for COMAND satnav will be out early in the new year. they have this info direct from mercedes. so it is only 18months late then! I have just taken delivery a 55reg SLK and it was equipped with the same version (4.1)...
  6. saorbust

    2004 COMAND Navigation CD is TMC Enabled.... just....

    Those of you who have the COMAND Navigation System that uses DX type CD's (ie, not the DVD based version in the new E Class, S and CL Classes), be advised a new nav CD is out. http://www.navshop.com/ However - don't buy it yet. Its the non TMC (Dynamic Route Guidance) version. That...
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