1. I

    W211 E320cdi Eu3 or Eu4 ??

    Hi All, I have seen references of Eu3 and Eu4 for the E320cdi W211. How would I know which version I have? What are the differences? IceBoy

    EU4 to EU3

    Anyone know if its possible to convert an EU4 engine back to EU3? Car is a 2005 E320CDI (last of the straight 6 engines) I understand that the EU3 cars were 10% better on fuel economy
  3. Satch

    E320Cdi EU3 v EU4 engine

    Perusing the data sheets for the Estate looked the same apart from fuel consumption: EU3 engine: City 27.7, Extra Urban 45.6, Combined 37.2 EU4 engine: City 26.4, Extra Urban 42.2, Combined 34.9 Ah, the price progress.
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