1. J

    New Top Gear

    Not impressed so far....
  2. abecketts

    Chris Evans - Top Gear Host

    Can't say that i'm overjoyed, I know he loves cars but can they put life back into this with the other 3 headed to Netflix if the rumours are true? Chris Evans to be new Top Gear presenter - BBC News
  3. Vilus

    Sls Black review by Chris Evans

    I'm not a fan of Chris Evans or the SLS to be honest, but an interesting five minute read...... Chris Evans reviews Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe Black Series | Mail Online
  4. The _Don

    Chris evans merc sls bs amg

  5. D

    Chris Evans at Brooklands

  6. Stuart O

    beck evans 2000

    anyone had any dealings with these guys - seems to have reasonably priced/nice looking motors....
  7. stormkenny3

    Lee Evans (Big Tour)

    anyone else been, was there on Thursday night at secc and it was very good as usual, I cannot wait for DVD it will be awesome. Kenny
  8. whitenemesis

    Lee Evans

    Brilliant observations, on TV now! :D
  9. Sam34

    Evans Cooling System's

    Has anyone heard of the above coolant? I am wondering if anyone has used it as I am considering switching to it. Thanks, Sam
  10. badshot1uk

    Paul Evans (Essex indipendant)

    Just had the old TE serviced today (36000 big one). Its the 1st service the cars had in a while by the looks of it! The service came to £407 which when I look at the bits replaced (all mb) isnt too bad. The problem is the "list" of other bits that need attention, Ht leads (no 6 has two male...
  11. marcos

    Paul Evans

    Last week I had to go to the Kings Road, Chelsea so I took one of the company Vito's rather than my own car as taxi drivers and buses seem to give you a bit more respect. On the way back out the clutch pedal gave way as I was sat in the outside lane on the Finchley Road. I managed to push the...
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