1. N

    MB Exeter

    I've always had good service at MB Exeter over the years. Always polite and efficient with young service manager Matt Squires. Had my E 350cdi serviced, MOT and ATS carried out recently. No charge, as fortunately, car came with 2 free services. Rang me re slight uneven front tyre wear and...
  2. X

    recommended place in Exeter, Devon

    Hi, Can anyone recommend good place to properly clean and sort my new "baby" in Devon, ideally in or around Exeter ? It looks like it was parked for while and has horrible green mould marks around window seals and sunroof. Im not **** and don't plan to go to shows but want it looking like it...
  3. X

    specialist Merc/AMG garage in Exeter, Devon

    Hi, I have just purchased my C55T and would like to get some help and advice from you. Can you recommend anyone in my area who will look after my car properly ? Thank for help in advance!!! Dom
  4. N

    Exeter University this Half Term

    Another in the series.... http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/ot-off-topic-forums/178158-bristol-uni-saturday-anywhere-park.html http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/ot-off-topic-forums/178185-oxbridge-better-than-all-rest.html...
  5. G

    John Emery MBS Exeter

    John Emery service team manager from Mercedes benz of Exeter has now moved to MBS Exeter mercedes,Smart,BMW&Mini specialists after 21 years at the dealer. His new role is service manager heading up a team of four fully qualified techys:bannana:
  6. Dave Richardson

    Excellent service from Mercedes Benz Exeter

    :thumb: To give their correct name it should of course be Mercedes-Benz South West. Referring to the parts department at Exeter, I recently needed a new front sam unit for my C Class Coupe, I telephoned the branch & was initially helped by a person named Simon who confirmed the part was in...
  7. columb

    Exeter this mornig ;)

    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=lbMfCV4sUv4 Yeah, that's me :( I do have experience of driving in even worst conditions BUT with winter tyres :( I've took this video after few min of gentle approach to conquer that "hill" hence my irritation (replaced with music) and revving. Cheers Chris
  8. M

    Mercedes specialist Torbay or Exeter

    Can anyone recommend a reliable Merc Specialist? We do have our own mechanic who is very good with Mercs - this would be interesting to know if anything more sinister arises.
  9. PeterE320Cdi

    Good Mercedes Specialist in Exeter

    Since getting my car I have had work done by MBS Mercedes Benz Specialists in Exeter. I have found them extremly helpful and have been very pleased with the work carried out. MBS Mercedes Benz Specialists Unit 8 City Industrial Estate Haven Road Exeter EX2 8DD 01392 493222...
  10. S

    Help with diagnostics in Exeter area.

    :bannana: We have a C180 and have had some problems which we were told could only be resolved by going to a MB dealer as they have the diagnostics machines, the same problem has occured and we would prefer to go to another garage. We are near Exeter, any recommendations would be greatly received. ;)
  11. C

    Air conditioning Exeter

    Just had my air con checked and repaired by a really good bloke who knew his stuff, made the right fault diagnosis and had new part fitted within 2 days. Rob Lane, auto air con specialist 07754 795853 highly recommended and very reasonable! :)
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