1. AngryDog

    Expected Power?

    What power would you expect a healthy E55 with Eurocharged map and 84mm pulley to be?
  2. Fudger

    DI Vessel not performing as expected

    Chaps, bought a DI Vessel recently but I am struggling to get the PPM down to anywhere near zero. My tap PPM is 299 and I can get it down to the 70's when using the vessel. Should I be happy or disappointed with that? If disapointed, what am I doing wrong and/or are there any tips? Many...

    V12 Engine expected mileage?

    Just seen a 2006 FMBSH S65 lovely condition but has 200,000 miles on the clock. One owner from new paid £165.000 for it. With 200k miles done - how long do you think before major problems with the engine? I know how long a piece of string can be but I'm curious as to what MB enthusiasts think.
  4. clk208

    Used CLS SB / estate becoming cheap quicker than expected

    So I was doing the usual car daydreaming for when the time comes to upgrade my W219 CLS and noticed that the W218 shooting brake models seem to be dropping quicker than I expected. One independent retailer down in the south appears to have the market cornered in the non-main dealer CLS SB...
  5. Rctaylor1966

    Expected delivery date

    Hi All, Just wondering peoples experiences with 'expected' delivery dates on new cars, I suspect it will be bang on with typical german efficiency but maybe you know otherwise
  6. trapperjohn

    Well I never expected that.

    So personal plate change done and dusted, took a week via DVLA - not bad considering it was all snail mail after downloading docs of the interweb. What didn't I expect? The holes drilled in the plates off my 124 matched exactly the holes required for the C270 Estate. Nice one Mercedes. So...
  7. T

    Expected Tyre Life

    Hey everyone, I am nearing 10,000 miles of enjoyble Mercedes C-Class Ownership and the car is almost bang on 20,000 miles but I just have a bit of a question as to how many miles people tend to get out of their tyres. I drive pretty sensibly 99% of the time and 75% of my mileage is motorway...
  8. S

    Expected lifespan of a B Class gearbox?

    Hi all, Would anyone know how long is reasonable for a manual gearbox in a 2007 B Class 170 Merc to last? Thanks Sunnybrae
  9. Lxb3

    W124 E220 running hotter than expected

    Evening all. I wonder if someone can shed some light on a quandary... The E220 seems to be getting hotter than I would expect, particularly on a long run. There's some evidence of mayonnaise in the coolant header tank, BUT it's old and the previous owner had the HG done - there's no sign of any...
  10. High-Lo

    Expected cost for C320 A Service

    Hi all, Just wondered how much I should expect to pay for an A Service for a W203 C320? This is from a Specialist and not main dealer. Cheers, Steve
  11. G

    C63 quote - better than expected

    It's the insurance renewal time of year again on my BMW 330i. Various quotes duly done with a nice resulting reduction. In anticipation of my forthcoming C63 Wagon, I thought I'd plumb the numbers in and see what I got. I'm 32 and the car will be parked on the drive. I was expecting around...
  12. D

    Expected Salary

    I just got asked the dreaded question at an interview.... What is your existing and expected salary? :crazy:... The job I applied for is for a graduate position in a large global firm. The original job advert states the salary as £18 - £22k. I am a recent graduate so don't really know how to...
  13. KNU7S

    Drowned 'Bugatti' car found in lake expected to fetch £85,000

    A rare 1920s Bugatti that has spent 73 years at the bottom of a Swiss lake is expected to fetch more than the price of a new Mercedes when it is sold at auction this month. Drowned 'Bugatti' car found in lake expected to fetch £85,000 - Times Online Lot Details
  14. Ratz

    Should I be expected to pay for service?

    After 4 months of ownership and just about 3500 miles our 10 month old A-Class says it needs an A-Service(bought from MB Macclesfield). This strikes me as a bit rich, especially as I am expected to pay for servicing the use of the car before I owned it. If I compare this to the BMW approved used...
  15. C

    live webcam baby eagles expected today

    This is a live web cam set above a pair of Bald Eagles nest on Hornby Island, British Columbia....they are expecting the eggs to hatch today. http://www.infotecbusinesssystems.com/wildlife/
  16. J

    First MB, not as expected

    My first proper post, after a month of lurking - I am 'digital cameraless' at this moment and am unable to post any pictures of our latest car, our first ever Merc, a W203 Avantgarde with Sport Pack. This particular car is an ex demo, registered in September. Effectively, buying it meant that...
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