1. grufflybear

    Photo Driving Licences expire after 10 years

    I post this to share info which I didn't know and I am apparently not alone... It is a little known that the plastic photo card part of your licence has an expiry date... normally 10 years from the date of issue section 4b on the front is the date you must renew it -even though it shows on the...
  2. MikeL

    Dell Laptop Offers (expire soon)

    Not that I like promoting Dell, however they have got some Inspiron 6000 laptops on offer at the moment that are pretty good spec - and (I hope everyone is sitting down) actually cheaper than the USA site........ Start here: Dell Offers Mike
  3. B

    warranty about to expire in 6 months for my W202, what should I have checked out?

    The warranty on my W202 is about to expire in roughly 6 months. I have maintained this vehicle regularly. A/B services, plus synthetic oil changes in-between at every 3000 to 4000-mile intervals. The vehicle drives quite nicely and I do not detect anything out of the ordinary in the...
  4. Andy W

    Warranty due to expire

    My Merceds signature warranty expires 03 July ( had the car for 1 year and still loving it) and I have just received a letter from the RAC offering me mechanical breakdown cover for an annual fee of £469. Is it worth having do you think as the car has only done 43,000 miles but if the MAS...
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