1. Sp!ke

    Useful car storage FAQ

    I found this page on how best to safely store your car the other day which I thought was worthy of a read. It is linked to a firm selling dehumidifiers so it might be a little biased in their favour but the content seems to clear up a few misunderstood areas. Interested to see whether...
  2. lynall

    Mcdonalds FAQ!

    Bloke at work telling us all a story local mc shut down as semen found in the mayo, foreman ran to the toilet to be sick rest of us nearly wet ourselves with laughter:D Here http://fullygeek.com/2007/03/mcdonalds-faq-no-semen-added/ Lynall
  3. O

    Gear Oil FAQ's

    We are often asked why don’t you do an article on Gear Oils? Well, an article would be very complex but here are the answers to a few FAQ’s that we have had over the years. What does API GL mean? API stands for American Petroleum Industry and GL stands for Gear Lubricant, see below for...
  4. C

    Bolt FAQ & New Year Bolt special – fed up of rusty/stuck bolts?

    There seems to be much dissatisfaction with Mercedes oem bolts and locking bolts, so we’ve decided to offer our RAD bolts as a New Year Special! There seem to be various problems with Mercedes bolts: corrosion issues, sticking bolts, shearing heads. We specialise in selling only genuine oem...
  5. M

    CLK 230k FAQ

    Hi, im going to look at a 98 CLK 230k 1st thing tommorow morning, are there any common problems to look at? Any advice much appreciated
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