1. Stratman

    Todt elected FIA head honcho

    Like it says in the title, the ex-Ferrari boss has been chosen as the head of Ferrari International Assistance. Get your money on next year's Constructors Champions now.
  2. carnut

    FIA does it again

    The FIA who appear to be a law unto themselves obviously can hand out the crisism but cant take it. Now they are after freedom of speech :eek:
  3. G

    Petition to the FIA - for what it's worth

    The final straw for quite a few people !
  4. NW_Merc

    Mercedes-benz 450 Slc Amg Mampe Lufthansa Fia A true classic :bannana:
  5. R

    FIA takes tough stance

    Formula One's ruling body has announced plans to cut costs and make racing more exciting after a meeting with team bosses in London. The FIA have acted after saying the 10 team principals had failed to come up with concrete proposals despite much discussion. Electronic aids such as...
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