1. C

    Mercedes Benz Floating Ipad Screens.

    I thought I would share an interesting article into the floating screen phenomenon that mb seems to love. It seems lots of people do not like it, and would prefer it up integrated into the dashboard. I myself don't mind it. What do you all think...
  2. A

    R171 Slk 55 AMG Fully Floating brake discs

    Hi All, Having had the quote from Mercedes for a new set of discs and pads I've been doing some research (£1000 for a pair of discs seems excessive), and have come across these Front Tarox Brake Discs - Mercedes SLK55 AMG (Performance Pack) (Rotors Only) - Bespoke - TAROX Online Store...
  3. 230K

    Huge floating crane

    Hi Some of you might be interested in the huge floating crane that is docked in Belfast just now. To give you an idea of the scale the crane on the quay is a 1200t crawler. Cheers 230k Sent from my GT-I9505 using MBClub UK
  4. John

    Floating ground?

    Just bought a new amp to go in my car. Not had to use high level inputs before and reading through the amp instructions, it uses a 'floating ground' so I am not totally sure what I am going to ground the negative speakers wires to (high level input) as it suggests grounding it to the car...
  5. gt-83

    floating rear!!

    i posted recently about the boat like handling on my coupe (i was previously spoilt by a saloon with sls) anyway i had the coupe lowered and this really helped the handling, but the back end seems vague!, seems like it drifts around corners, sometimes bad enough to feel unsafe, i know its not a...
  6. janner

    Wooden floating Gullwing..

    Some strange people out there..
  7. A

    just floating an idea at the moment

    as several of you know already I'm a freelance "3D artist" - using computer graphics to create photo realistic images. Although most of the stuff I do involves working on commercial projects I've sold a few prints of my artwork in the past and got to wondering if there would be any interest...
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