1. optimusprime

    fond info on alarm w203

    Hi this may help forum members who have the w203 with alam problems. Use Google search and put in the box just this as you see it .--- -- Mercedes Gen-In --- Then use search on the righ, put alarm in the box .All info and pictures on how to solve the problems you have with...
  2. B

    a fond farewell

    7 benz in 15 years & its over , life without the star, will i regret it ? i know i,l be back but not sure what or when , always buy 3yr old & run for 2/3 yrs but after trying 3 main dealers for E class estates i was insulted by them all with trade in figure for my 2002 E240 , this coupled with...
  3. Steve_Perry

    Design features you're not so fond of?

    I think you would agree that we are all eager to sing the praises of our cars :D Heh well at least I am. However, are there any features/design flaws/quirks that you aren't so fond of with your 'cherished'? Curious minds would like to know :p To get the ball rolling here are a couple that...
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