1. po55kit

    The Mercs of Goodwood FOS - 2014

    Here are some of the highlights from last year's festival of speed. All of the consumer cars were win white for some reason :confused:
  2. R

    Goodwood FOS Photo thread

    For those of you not going this year, I thought I'd start a photo thread. Wonderful day out as ever with my highlight being to drive the hill in the fly by wire Infiniti Q50 (Just don't think about the wheels not being connected to the steering wheel). See what you can spot. :) Goodwood FOS...
  3. R

    Goodwood FOS was Wonderful!!!

    Today I took my son and a friend to Goodwood Festival of Speed and we had the most fantastic of days! Glorious weather, the new Mclaren P1, the Alfa 4C, Ferrari's, A Bugati Royale, A California 250. Wonderful cars everywhere! We also got driven up the hill in the new A Class :bannana::bannana...
  4. Gareth

    Goodwood FOS 2011 Pics

  5. N

    Goodwood FoS this Friday x 4

    I bought 4 Sunday Times tickets for this Friday & can't go. £5 each.
  6. GrahamC230K

    Goodwood FOS 2004

    I am not specifically organising a meet or anything, but just letting you guys know that I have booked tickets for my family and I to attend the Goodwood Festival of Speed on Friday the 25th June, after the day I very much enjoyed last year. It would be nice to meet up with anyone else who is...
  7. D

    Goodwood FoS Tickets Available

    Hi, I have a pair of tickets for the entire Weekend for Goodwood FoS including a stand ticket for Pheasantry for Saturday. Cost was £146. I won't be using them so if anyone wants to make me an offer for these....let me know. You can PM me - I will check all day today (Thursday). DB1
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