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  1. gIzzE

    FS: 17" ML wheels with Michelin Latitude Tour HP 235.65.17 tyres

    I have a set of 17" ML wheels with Michelin Latitude Tour HP tyres fitted. There is around 4.5mm on one pair and 5.5mm on the other pair. These are M+S tyres but classed as summer tyre over here, in the states they are classed as all season tyres. I had them in the snow last year and...
  2. S

    FS: 17" Genuine MB Alloys and Tyres

    Apologies to the mods but I wasn't able to post a new thread in Classifieds for some reason! I am selling my factory fitted staggered Mercedes 17" wheels and tyres. I will post pictures when I get back on Saturday but I thought I would list them now in case anyone wanted to enquire in the...
  3. mickl

    FS 17" staggered set of AMG styling II alloys with tyres

    Now that I've got a set of 18"'s on mine, I've got a set of styling II Amg alloys for sale. They are 7.5 x 17 ET35 on the front (225/45 ZR tyres) and 8.5 x 17 ET30 on the rears (245/40 ZR tyres). The alloys has some kerbing marks on the lips all round (previous owners fault), the laquer...
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